7 Trending Christmas Décor Ideas You Should Try

Christmas is undeniably the most fashionable holiday of the year. Décor trends and styles are often awaited to create a Christmas mood for family and friends to enjoy. Nowadays, the quintessential Christmas tree is not just about tradition; it is also an art piece for you to share.


Christmas ornaments create a festive and joyful feeling in the house. A beautifully decorated house somehow uplifts our spirit, makes us hopeful and gives us a better mood, especially during a difficult pandemic situation.


Today, sustainability seems to be a recurring theme that has influenced many different industries, such as food, fashion and home living. Other related themes that are also associated with sustainable living are simplicity, greeneries and minimalism. These have impacted the trends we see now particularly with Christmas decors.


If you’re thinking about Christmas décor ideas, check out our list of sustainable and minimalist Christmas ideas you should try.




This distinct décor trend focuses on simplistic, organic and natural Christmas ornaments. The pandemic has pushed us to simplify our lives and re-evaluate our priorities, which leads to the fascination towards organic, basic, home-grown feel at home.


The approach has people welcoming greeneries, wood tones and earth palettes into their Christmas décor. Pinecones, flowers and fruits are some choices that are not only sustainable but also give the house a DIY feel.


To bring colours behind the soft palettes, the use of oranges and other coloured fruits can brighten the mood. Artisanal and reusable decors are also things that will stay for a while.


Metallic and non-traditional shades

Silver and gold are still the dominant colours of the season that give the space an elegant festive feel. They also bring light into the spot, and the glittery metal colours make the home look like a magical space.


Non-traditional colours are also in trend for the season. Rose gold, champagne and cream are soft colours that project a comfy, relaxed ambience. They feel cosy, which is what a small crowd needs.


Bright strong shades that lift the mood are also in. Navy blue, lavender, terracotta or pink paired with metallic hues make the space sophisticated and modern. For decoration items, opt for a dash of yellow, blue, brown or red.


Choosing the right colour combination this season can distinctly create a warmth and festive feel.


Neon lights

A fairly new trend in Christmas is the use of neon décor and lights. This type of light is a combination of retro and techno, and it gives a modern yet vibrant option for Christmas lights. The trendy neon will definitely bring the party home as it creates a modern lively vibe for the holiday.



As a result of the awareness of making things sustainable, ocean-themed or shell decorations are getting a spot in trends for Christmas. Capiz shells or windowpane oysters are perfect for the holiday due to their pearly, shimmering white appearance.


Unique trees


Another standout trend is the ‘less-decorated’ tree. This does not mean a bare looking sad Christmas tree. The minimalist style puts emphasis on greenery and simplicity, which makes it look chic. You also get to save time decorating and not be stressed about filling it up. Furthermore, you can incorporate lights with minimal ornaments in neutral shades into this kind of Christmas tree.


For those who are looking for a non-conventional tree design, try out the abstract tree on a wall. You can let your creative juice flow as you have the freedom to design a tree on your empty wall. From sticks, papers, glitter balls and colourful garlands, nothing is off-limits.


Sparse and asymmetrical trees are also gaining popularity because they imitate nature, where nothing is perfect in shape and size. LED twigs are also popular because they can be used all year round. If you want a more modern, clean and contemporary approach to the traditional Christmas tree, these are great options.


Basket tree

The minimalist Christmas tree is not complete for the season without the basket or bin in replacement of the usual tree skirt.  What’s interesting about this trend is you can use the item even when it is not Christmas. One way to be sustainable!



Can’t get a Christmas tree in the house? Using houseplant is another sustainable approach you can take during the holidays. Go over your houseplants and decorate them. Add lighting and décor items to create a festive feel. Poinsettia, sturts desert pea, Holly-leaf Grevillea, longleaf fig and Wollemi pine are just a few examples of houseplants you can use to replace the traditional Christmas tree.



From choosing the right decoration items, mixing and matching colour palettes to arranging furniture and decors, decorating a house for Christmas may take a lot but is always worth the effort.  At the end of the day, going home to a beautifully curated home gives us a sense of hope, wonder and inspiration. Picking the right Christmas decors can transform a dull space into a memorable one that is perfect for creating more memories with our loved ones.







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