Top 10 United States Immigration Tips

Do you need to apply or renew your visa to stay in the United States? Or are you planning to settle in the country to be with your loved ones and start a better life?


The U.S. has great economic standing, career opportunities, and a living environment; that’s why many individuals desire to live in the country. However, moving to the U.S. and permanently staying is not easy. Each country has its own immigration law, and every immigrant can have a different situation. For this reason, it’s important to make enough preparations and have an idea of how you can avoid immigration issues to prevent denial.


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How to Ensure Smooth Immigration Process

If you’re thinking about moving to the United States, there are a few things you have to keep in mind, including the following:


1.      Prepare for any delays on your visa application or renewal.


The USCIS or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can be behind schedule. It can even take up to three years to complete the immigration process. Although your application process is already ongoing, you can still get arrested and deported as long as it’s not completed yet. So, prepare for any delays on your visa renewal or application to ensure that the immigration authorities won’t deport you.


2.      Apply for multiple immigration visa petitions


For those who need to apply for an immigration visa or United States green card, petitions from your family members could significantly increase your chances of approval. The more members who can create a reference letter for you, the better. Thus, check the possibilities and take advantage of those who are eligible to file a petition for your stay.


3.      Follow the immigration laws.


Violating immigration visa provisions and the United States laws is one of the biggest factors that can cause a denial of your application. The outcome of any violations could cause severe problems, and that includes being banned in the country. Therefore, if you will renew or apply for a visa, or file citizenship, make sure that you are already aware of the laws and strictly follow them.


4.      Consider applying for United States citizenship.


If you want to be a lawful permanent resident in the country, you have to grab the chance as soon as it’s given to you. So, if you already own a green card and become eligible, you can take that opportunity and have a more secure life in the United States. Unlike the green card, U.S. citizenship won’t put you at risk for deportation and will give you a secure legal status in the country.


5.      Be careful to avoid summary removal.


The border officials in the united states have the authority to send you away if they see you as a threat to the country or if you have lied about your statements in the application. Therefore, avoid a suspected violation by not bringing things like a resume or wedding gowns that would imply that you will stay longer if you are only going to the country as a tourist.


6.      Make copies of all the papers.


The staff at the USCIS can sometimes lose your paperwork. So, if you will submit any document, choose a certified mail that comes with a return receipt and always make a copy.


7.      Inform USCIS about address changes


Immigrants staying in the United States for longer than 30 days are required to notify the USCIS of any changes in their addresses. So, if you will move to a new house, make sure that you inform them ten days after changing your address. You can send a mail and submit a Form AR-11, or for a more convenient process, you can visit the USCIS website. Keep in mind that a separate notification has to be sent for adults and your children if you have any.


8.      Monitor your application process


It’s important to keep track of the process and quickly follow up if any additional requirements are needed. It will ensure that you avoid delay. Aside from that, always be on time when the immigration court or embassy requires an appointment with you.


9.      Do your research based on reliable resources.


There are various myths and beliefs about the process of immigration. But since mistakes can lead to stressful consequences and the process can be different for every person, depending on their legal status, it’s best to rely only on credible resources.


10.  Get citizenship and immigration services.


If you want to ensure that everything is going the right way and you are aware of the actual legal process, you can get help from an immigration lawyer. Whether you are applying for a visa, renewing an existing visa, seeking asylum, or United States citizenship, a legal attorney can help you with your needs.

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