How can I prepare for IELTS in 15 days

IELTS, International English Language Testing, is a standardized test used by various countries across the globe for immigration. IELTS has been the most popular English language test till now, and the popularity of the exam is increasing as the world becomes more and more global.

Several students plan their migration move during their school time and have enough time to prepare for the exam. However, working professionals who spend most of their time in their jobs, if have to move abroad usually look for quick away which can help them get done with the exam as soon as possible and nothing can be lesser than 15 days. The working professionals and students who speak English frequently in their day-to-day life also require an understanding of the IELTS structure.  On the other hand, those who are least confident of the same would need extra help preparing for the exam to secure desired bands without any delay in their application process.

Time taken for IELTS exam preparation depends upon several factors, and one among them is the level of language understanding and usage from which a candidate starts. For example, a candidate who speaks English in daily life or has been educated in a convent school would only require a few days to understand the exam structure. However, a person who is not a native English speaker or does not come from an English-speaking background would take more time to get used to it. In this blog, we have covered understanding from both perspectives. So, let’s get started.

Understanding of the exam pattern:

The first and foremost step for any applicant looking for a shorter or more extended preparation period is understanding the exam pattern. The sooner one gets hold of the exam pattern, the better it is for the preparation journey. Therefore, the first day should be spent understanding all the food modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Types of questions, the number of questions asked in each module, marking criterion, band designated for particular marks, and the time given to complete those questions are some of the questions of interest every applicant should try getting answers at the earliest. In addition to this, sample papers for practice/ study material to be referred to/IELTS coaching institute whose guidance one might consider taking should be decided on the first day.

Dividing the days:

The next step involves division of days as per the requirement of preparation. Of the 15 allotted days, the first three days should be spent individually to all the sections. Starting with Reading on the first day, the second day can be given to the practice for Writing followed by the third day for Listening and Speaking combined. Reading and writing are the sections that require complete attention for a longer period of time than listening and speaking. Hence, a complete day must be individually spent to understand these sections followed by speaking and listening, which can be done in the first and second half of the third third day. This would help the applicant understand the kind of preparation required by every section and divide time for every section accordingly.

Taking all the modules together:

Best IELTS coaching institutes across the region often advice applicants to take all the four sections individually for preparation. However, considering the time we have and the kind of preparation required, a more practical approach here is to take all the modules together for at least a complete mock test every day from the fourth day of preparation. A complete mock test does not take more than 3 hours of time and if planned well, anyone can take three mock tests every day. This ensures that every subject is given due importance and the preparation is mapped without any gap, leaving the individual with a sound understanding of the preparation level. As an advice, 2 complete mock tests a day with a proper analysis of the mistakes is what should be the target of every individual. This will not only bring the necessary rest to the brain but would provide a right analysis of the preparation.

Following tips and tricks:

Tips and tricks have always helped people in various exams and IELTS is no different. Moreover, the time which we have with us makes tips and tricks even more important for preparation. All the four sections have different time saving tips which help people do not dwell upon one question or one section more than a particular time. For say, questions in Reading section can be solved with the help of keyword selection, elimination method etc. Best IELTS coaching Centre in Chandigarh, in addition to helping students gain the required understanding to crack the exam, offer them various tricks which they can do during the actual exam to get desired bands. And the majority of students agree that these tricks help them during IELTS exam preparation. Like Reading, listening section has various tricks to solving multiple-choice questions, speaking and writing involved idea generation, which can also be learned through tricks. Hence, since the start of the preparation, tips and tricks should be wisely selected and used to save time and effort during the actual exam.

Get assessment:

Every effort becomes zero if a qualified examiner does not assess it. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the role of a teacher/ mentor/evaluator over these 15 days. A tutor plays an essential role in whatever module it is – reading, listening, speaking, or writing. Above all, writing and speaking majorly need an evaluator proficient in the language and can provide proper guidance to the candidate. Best IELTS coaching institutes have trained staff who have good experience and can help students get the right direction. Therefore, one should consider getting guidance from them.

Overall, IELTS preparation can be concluded in 15 days; however this requires a planned strategy, actual understanding of the preparation and proper guidance.

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