17 Einthusan Alternatives To Stream Free Movies in 2021

Einthusan is, in fact, the one supplier of Hindi films and its website is home to a vast selection of Einthusan Hindi films, Einthusan Tamil movies, and much more.

Because Einthusan isn’t available in certain countries, we’ve put together to offer you the 17 Einthusan alternatives for streaming free films through 2021.

Let’s begin!


YuppTV is among the top Einthusan alternatives that lets you stream films at no cost.

Like Einthusan’s, this website is revolutionary and offers a huge selection of Hindi films and supports for various languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali to mention some.

YuppTV is not just a platform for users to stream movies for free online , but also offers popular TV shows from the top local channels. You can also stream streaming TV live on their web site.

The website of YuppTV is simple to navigate through different genres and kinds of media content listed on the main page.

It is also possible to type in the specific title of the film you’re searching for in the search bar on the website.

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Hotstar can be a fantastic option for streaming free films due to the sheer number of films and shows accessible to stream. One of the things that sets it apart from other streaming sites is the quantity of kid-friendly content Hotstar has to offer.

In addition to films like Einthusan Tamil or Einthusan Hindi but you also have access to the library of Disney plus other content.

Hotstar lets its customers to stream movies for free using mobile devices, such as iOS or Android phones, so you’ll definitely be able to stream no cost, while on the move.

The layout is similar to Netflix, exploring the various content is extremely intuitive and easy.

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The third option on our list of Einthusian alternative streaming sites to access streaming free films are Sonyliv Entertainment. Similar to it’sEinthusan library of content that is free, Sonyliv also houses an impressive selection of Indian films.

It is important to note that to stream films on Sonyliv you first need to create an account and then register it and then you’re good to start.

This streaming platform doesn’t just offers Hindi and Tamil films, but also gives you access to live stream content, and also allows access to various sporting programs.

The website’s interface is simple and clear, making it simple for everyone to locate a particular movie they’d like to see.

What is what makes Sonyliv an ideal option in comparison to Einthusan Hindi is the fact that it supports all important Indian languages.

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Similar to the websites that we have listed here, Zee5 is another site that’s an excellent alternative to Einthusan.

Zee5 offers a huge selection of Indian films and its website is compatible with a variety of languages including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and even Thai and Indonesian.

One of the best features of Zee5 is the fact that when you arrive the website, you’re instantly asked to select your preferred content and has a variety of movie categories such as Kannada, Bhojpuri, and many more.

In the beginning, you’ll be asked to sign-up to a free account, and it’s all you have to do!

It is important to take note that Zee5 offers Premium memberships to users who require more access, however, with the Zee5’s wide selection of free films it is possible to remain a non-paying user.

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We’re pretty sure that this will really come as a shock to you now because YouTube is home to every video ever made on its site, and it even has the most loved Hindi and Indian local films.

YouTube was on one of our lists Einthusan options to stream streaming films due to its wide collection of movies that are available to stream online. There are numerous high-quality channels streaming Indian films on its site.

Take be aware that the options of videos on Youtube isn’t like the other sites we’ve included in this list, but as we said we’re confident that you’ll find something you love.

The process of creating an account on Youtube account is completely free. all you need to do is type in the correct keywords to locate what you’re searching for such as Bengali films, Tamil movies, and numerous other.

You could also search for movies by typing Einthusan Hindi films or Einthusan Tamil films.

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The next option on our list follows Yomovies which is an additional fantastic Einthusan option to watch streaming films in 2021. This site has an impressive collection of Hindi films, and it is categorised according to the genre.

The movies that you can watch on Yomovies are absolutely free.

If you’re taking breaks from watching Hindi films, you can also stream Hollywood films from the classics to the newest movies. Additionally, you can access the most popular TV shows that are Hindi as well as English.

There are many ways to browse or sort the content available on Yomovies and finding the content you are interested in is straightforward. You can sort it by year, and Yomovies will provide all the series or films that were that were released during the year you select.

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Online Movies Gold

online Movies Gold, also called Movies Gold Pro, is an additional great Einthusan option to stream streaming free movies until 2021.

The streaming site offers an extensive selection of top films and classics. Within the Online Movies Gold catalog, you’ll find movies that were made in 1936.

This site gives you access for free to all its content . The ability to stream films in HD is a huge benefit. Online Movies Gold also offers Hollywood films, but most of its content is classified as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

Like Yomovies Online Movies Gold also allows users to sort movies according to year. The website will provide all the films that were released during your specific year.

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What is what sets Hindilinks4u above the rest is its huge selection of documentary films. If you’re in search of Hindi biography as well as Hindi documentary films, Hindilinks4u can be an excellent Einthusan alternative.

The majority of the films and TV shows featured on this site are completely free, and there’s no need to sign up for to subscribe for a monthly service. The website offers more than 50 categories of films to choose from. It also supports multiple languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.

Hindilinks4u also has videos from other streaming websites we’ve included here, including Zee5, Sonyliv, and numerous others.

If you’re looking for subtitled Hindi film titles, you can get access to them on Hindilinks4u as well.

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The next option on our list comes Then we have Yesmovies which is among the best Einthusan alternatives to stream streaming movies for 2021.

Like Yomovies similar to Yomovies, the Yesmovies website also offers an impressive collection of Hindi movies . It is classified according to category. The films that you can access through both websites are totally free.

Yesmovies is a simple procedure that, when you arrive onto the site you will be presented with an search bar that basically tells users to visit and search for the content they’d like to watch right immediately.

Of course, if don’t have a specific film in mind, then simply click the movie tab, and it will direct you to the page with the featured films.

Yesmovies offers a wide choice of films for free that are available in the most popular Indian languages. It’s certainly worth looking into this site to use as alternative to Einthusan alternative.

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MX Player

Everybody has moments in our lives where we need to enjoy our screen time Instead of watching films on the internet, we prefer to watch hours of TV series ‘ episodes. MX Player can help you in that regard.

Of course, many of the streaming sites we’ve featured on this list offer diverse TV series, however what sets MX Player apart is its huge variety of original web shows.

The MX Player web-based shows include drama, thriller and reality to crime and comedy. It also permits its viewers to watch live TV and lets its viewers change the language of content to one of the most well-known Indian languages.

We are also grateful MX Player supports Indian Stand-Up Comedians. MX Player supports Indian Stand Up Comedians by presenting performances on the site.

There’s plenty to appreciate about MX Player that makes it one of the top Einthusan alternatives for streaming free films in 2021.

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Tubi can be described as an extremely well-designed streaming website that offers a vast collection of films, tv shows and tv shows.

Tubi was on our list of the top Einthusan alternatives due to the fact that the content is free and offers unlimited time to watch it without any cost.

Tubi viewers are not required to register and sign up for an account. You can simply watch whatever you like right away.

If you visit Tubi’s site, you can effortlessly search for the movie you’d like or simply select the film that’s displayed on the homepage. The site has a clean design that makes categories easy to navigate through.

It is possible to stream Tubi content from any browser, or download the Tubi application on iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire.

The only disadvantage of Tubi is the small selection of Hindi titles.

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The next option on our list of top Einthusan alternative to streaming no-cost films from 2021 onwards is Bolly2Tolly that is a well-known film streaming website that offers Tamil movies.

Bolly2Tolly has a vast catalog of streaming for free classic and recently released blockbuster films.

In addition to Tamil films, Bolly2Tolly offers films that are available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. It is also a good source for Tamil TV shows.

Similar to the majority of websites that we have included in our list Bolly2Tolly offers a easy-to-use and clean interface. The homepage is a listing of the most recent movies released.

It’s a shame that Bolly2Tolly doesn’t have an organized genre list, but you can still search for a specific genre with the search function on the site.

Another great feature of Bolly2Tolly is the Upcoming Movies section where it lists when and what Indian films will be available on the site.

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On our list of the top Einthusan options to stream no-cost films for 2021 are TodayPK that is likely to have one of the largest collection of streaming-free Einthusan Tamil movies.

The website is well-organized and has a categories tab on right at the very top. It includes not just Tamil films, Telugu movies, and Malayalam films, but English films too.

When you click over the category tab the page, you’ll be able to see TodayPk’s well-organized list of films made in a specific year in a certain language. It’s a nice small feature.

It is certainly worth a look due to its most important feature, which isn’t that well-known from other streaming sites It is the only one with a dedicated section for Hindi Dubbed movies collection.

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To our list of the top Einthusan alternative to streaming streaming free films for 2021, is SunNXT which is an online streaming site that offers Indian content. It is owned by an organization called.

The website supports different languages of content such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

The website doesn’t offer a film catalog like the other however what is worth mentioning is the no-cost access to local Indian television shows.

For you to begin the only thing you need to do is to create an account with no commitment. Once you’ve established the SunNXT account, you’ll then have access to the shows that are free. The content that is free is easy to recognize because it’s already categorised and marked as free.

If you would like to get access to more features, you’ll need to pay for your SunNXT plan, which can range between 30, 90, to one year of access.

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Vumoo can be an great option to add to our list of Einthusan options to stream no-cost films in 2021.

Similar to the other websites we have highlighted here, Vumoo also made our list of top Einthusan alternatives since the content on Vumoo is completely free and provides unlimited viewing time, without any cost.

Vumoo offers a wide selection of TV shows and movies featuring a broad range of genres that you can pick from.

Navigating through Vumoo’s collection of movies is difficult, given that the layout doesn’t let users sort groups.

Another problem is the lack of Einthusan Hindi movies, however we’re confident that you’ll discover that they have plenty of films that will keep you entertained.

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Look Movie

Check Movie is an streaming website that has many movie and television series. It is an excellent Einthusan alternative site because the catalog is completely accessible for streaming at no cost.

Look Movie also allows its users to filter their movies to allow you to get the exact movie you want to enjoy with ease. The filters available on the site include genre, year that the movie was made as well as a rating and the IMDb filter.

Two things we don’t enjoy the most about Look Movie are the limited selection of Einthusan Hindi or Einthusan Tamil movies and the frequent pop-up advertisements.

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For our final list of the top Einthusan alternatives to stream streaming free films in 2021, we recommend Filmlinks 4 U. Similar to Bolly2Tolly and Hindilinks4u. This website offers an enormous assortment of Einthusan Hindi and Einthusan Tamil movies.

Additionally, the website provides its customers Western TV Series and Hollywood movies to stream at no cost.

The homepage on the main page Filmlinks4u are the various categories available and, from there, the user can search through Bollywood film titles immediately.

You can view the most recent Bollywood films on Filmlinks4u and also have movies from the most popular OTT websites such as Netflix and many more.

Visit this website.


Whatever genre of film you like to watch there’s an online platform that you can visit to enjoy your fix. The sites we’ve collected in the list are all worth a visit.


  • Where do Download the Einthusan application?
    In the meantime, there isn’t an Einthusan application available to download. To stream Einthusan films, you have to visit their website.
  • What do I require an Einthusan login to stream films?
    An Einthusan login isn’t necessary, but if you do not need to see ads constantly pop up when streaming, you can sign up for an account. Once you’ve got the Einthusan account, you are able to pay a cost to get rid of advertisements.
  • What exactly is the definition of an Einthusan downloader?
    Einthusan downloader is a program that allows Einthusan downloader is a method to allow Einthusan customers to download media such as movies on the site since it is not a feature that the site itself offers.
  • Does anyone know of any secure Einthusan downloading program?
    There are plenty of websites on the internet that claim to provide exactly the same thing (download Einthusan movies) but you’ll find only websites that aren’t working and some might even cause harm to your computer.
  • Is HTML0 Einthusan alternatives available for free?
    The majority of websites we’ve included on this list offer access to their films for free however there are some which have users pay a premium for access to more videos.


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