How to Use Groovy Bot Discord – Groovy Bot Commands Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Use Groovy Bot on Discord to play, add or remove music on your voice channel with Groovy Bot Commands prefix.

The groovybot allows discord users to add songs to the music channel on the discord server. The groovybot allows users to add songs to a queue and create playlists on platforms like Spotify or Youtube. All this is possible with simple commands. The groovybot offers many features that are similar to music players, including pause, resume and play, next, back and clear. You can also jump, clear, jump and shuffle all from your discord server.

How to add Groovy Bot on your server?

It is easy to add a groovy chat bot. Follow these steps –

STEP 1Visit the official website for GroovyBot. You can search Google for “groovy Bot” or go directly to their website, which is at –

STEP 2Once you have landed on the official website for Groovy bot, click the pink button that reads “Add to Discord”. Or you can click the “Add Discord” link in the upper left corner. This will invite the Groovy Bot to your server.

STEP 3When you click on “Add to Discord”, it will prompt you to log in to your discord account. Once you are signed in, or you have an account already signed into the discord, you will need to choose the discord server where you wish to add the groovybot.

STEP 4Once you’ve selected the server where you wish to add the groovybot, it will ask for permission access. If you do not want the bot to have full access to your server, it will be granted administrator access. Next, click the Authorize button.


The groovy bot is added successfully to your discord server !! You will be able to see the groovy bot confirmation message on the right sidebar. 

You will need to create a voice channel on discord. If you have one, you can use the command of groovybot directly.

The “+” button above the tab will open the channel creator dashboard. Click on the desired voice channel to create it. This guide will help you create a voice channel.

You can now use the voice channel to send various commands to the groovybot.


How to Use Groovy Bot Commands in Discord

Play Command– Any song can be played on the voice channel using the “-play” or “-p” commands. To play Despacito, type “-play Despacito”. The bot will start playing the Despacito song automatically while you are in the voice channel. When you exit, it will stop the song, and resume when you return to the channel.

List of Basic Groovy Bot Commands Prefix

Join Command (-join/-j) : This command allows groovy to join your voice channel.


Disconnect Command (-disconnect/-dc/-leave/-reset): The opposite of Join Command. This command clears all songs from the queue and disconnects the bot form the voice channel.


Next Command (-next/-n/-skip): Skip the current song and play the next song in the queue.


Previous Command (-prev/previous/-b): Opposite of Next Command. Skip the current song and play the previous song in the queue.


Pause Command (-pause): Pause the playing music.


Resume Command (-resume/-unpause): Opposite for pause command. Resume playing music of Queue earlier paused.


Clear Command (-clear): Remove all the songs that are present in the queue.


Lyrics Command (-lyrics/-ly): Display the lyrics of the song if available.


Shuffle Command (-shuffle/-shuff/-shuf/-randomize/-randomise) : plays random songs from the queue.


Song Command (-song/-nowplaying/-np) : Please provide the details about the song that is being played from your queue.


Jump Command (-jump/-j/-goto) : Skip to the next song.


The premium version of the groovybot offers many commands and features, including speed, pitch and volume.

How to delete song from the queue groovy

[GroovyBot -clear and -remove Command]

You can delete, clear, or remove any single, multiple, or complete song from the queue. There are many ways to do this.

  1. With the help of the, you can delete all or part of the queue.Clear Command.
  2. With the help of the-removeThe command should be followed by the song number or name. In the example above, I used the song name. To remove a song from the queue, you can use the number at the end of the song.
  3. Multiple songs can be removed from the queue by simply writing the beginning and end song numbers in the queue.-remove rangeCommand.

How to get rid of groovy on voice channel

[GroovyBot -leave Command]

Two methods can be used to remove the groovy content from the server:

  1. You can type “groovy” to remove it from the server.-leaveThe voice channel will be closed if you send a command to the groovybot or the voice channel.
  2. Right-click the groovy icon to find the option of disabling the bot.
  3. To remove the Groovy Bot so that it cannot be added to another channel, right-click the bot and choose the Block option from the menu. The image is shown in the example.

How to use Groovy Bot on Other Platforms

The Groovy bot allows you to play music by simply adding the name of the song, or by linking to the song. Groovy Bot supports the following platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Clyp
  • Mixer
  • Bandcamp

Audio file directly

Attachment of a message

Some platforms do not allow streaming of the songs. We’ll discuss how to stream the song from any given platform. For this example, we will use Spotify as an example. You can also apply the same method to any other platform.

Method 1:Add the track data

The add command allows the groovybot to play Spotify songs. The Spotify link is then detected by the groovybot and the Spotify API can query Spotify to find out what’s behind it.

Method 2:All data in YouTube

YouTube streams audio directly, but Spotify doesn’t allow you to stream audio directly. To find the closest track to your input, the groovybot uses metadata from YouTube.

Method 3:Providing audio to Discord

You can send audio files to discord. Discord will listen to them and then play them later on the voice channel.

How do I get my discord bot to work?

Sometimes, the Groovy Bot may experience issues. It may not respond or be offline. It could be caused by a discord server downage. If you have any questions, please visit the discord status page.

You should also ensure that the groovybot has the appropriate permissions. This can be done under the setting tab.

If the groovybot does not respond to the above steps, make sure that you have not changed the default prefix of the groovybot.



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