Planning A Perfect Virtual Wedding From Home

2020 has introduced us to too many new experiences in life, one such experience is the virtual wedding. This concept of weddings streamed online has impacted the engaged couples and their family to conduct the wedding ceremony with the help of technology. Planning for a wedding requires a certain procedure for planning a digital wedding. Now let us look at them in the chronological order.

Inform the Guest Prior

It is important to inform the guest beforehand once it is decided that the wedding is also going virtual. Make sure all the guests are available virtually to attend the wedding. It is the guest’s duty to make sure they have a proper internet connection and a device to connect to the virtual wedding. 

Get a Trial Check:

It is recommended to do a demo in advance to make sure there aren’t any technical issues from both the ends. It is safe for the children, friends and family who are unable to travel and especially old people to stay indoors during the pandemic. It becomes easy for them to attend the wedding. If you are having guests who live in different time zones, make sure the timing of the wedding is appropriate. Wedding Wishlist provides a special demo session for the couple so that they avoid any technical glitches/errors before the commencement of the D-Day. 

Lighting and Internet Connection

Its certain most live streaming platforms we have might distort in terms of lighting, lighting plays a major role in an online live-streamed wedding. The source of light present at the venue is important to clearly view the ceremony. Therefore lit up the wedding space to make sure the quality of the live stream is enhanced. 

The internet connection should be checked constantly. Wedding Wishlist provides the virtual wedding services, by facilitating professional assistance and makes sure that the Zoom wedding goes smooth.

Save the Recording

To save the memories of the wedding, a recording of it is instantly accessible. As the facilitators of the virtual wedding, Wedding Wishlist records the whole wedding and ensures its beautifully presented to the couples. 

Love can’t wait! What are you waiting for? Sign up on Wedding Wishlist virtual wedding services on our website and enjoy a stress-free wedding.

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