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Ways To Cut Down Calorie Count In Baking!

Omg! I can not believe I just ate that! You all have said these words after eating a whole slice of cake or cheesecake. Yes, exercise is a great way to cut down fat and calories in food, although the formula doesn’t exactly work the same for everyone. Instead of avoiding food you love in favor of healthy healthy choices, try some of these simple replacements and techniques to cut calories in your cooking. We have some baking options that can reduce the calories and fat in your baking so that it can be healthy for you and your whole family. We will list some common ingredients and then show you can try these healthiest options.

Use less sugar

You can cut calories by using less sugar or using a no-calorie sweetener for the sugar portion. Just keep in mind that some people are more susceptible to tasting artificial sweeteners than others, and some baking recipes rely on sugar for texture to taste.

Try different flours and flavourings

Making your own bread also provides flexibility in the form of flour you use. Whole grains are a healthier option than white, but it doesn’t have to be just wheat – you can try other options such as barley or oats, either on their own or mixed. Add some seeds or herbs to give an interesting crunch and flavor.

Reduce fat content

Fat has the most calories per gram of any macronutrients, so when baking, as well as a sure way to reduce calories, returning excess fat content. In baking, alternatives to dairy products, such as apple sauce and milk and yogurt, can add extra moisture, which can add the extra moisture needed to be able to reduce the amount of fat in the dish. In cooking, an oil spray can be a helpful tool, as the oil can be evenly distributed in a thin layer, meaning fewer calories are added if it is added.

Use egg substitute

You can replace half an egg in your bakery dishes with an egg option. Some cake dishes have three or four eggs; Some muffin recipes call for one or two. For each large egg you substitute, you will cut down 45 calories, 5 grams of fat, 1.6 grams of saturated fat, and 213 milligrams of cholesterol.

No To Oil & Butter 

Did you know that each gram of fat contains 9 calories and a tablespoon of oil or butter contains about 13 grams? So, replace the oil / butter with some other moist ingredients, such as light cream cheese, bananas, orange juice or fat-free sour cream and you are half done!

Use cooking spray and nonstick pan

Using nonstick pans and dishes and a spirit of canola cooking spray means you will need less fat in the batter or crust to keep the food sticking. All sorts of nonstick baking utensils are available, from springform pans, to cake and muffin pans, to cookie sheets, etc. When you use one of these pans, your lighter cakes, muffins and tarts will brown nicely and won’t stick.

Healthy icing

Use a drop of glace instead of butter icing for cake topping. Or, a light sprinkling of icing sugar may be all you need to give your bake the final touch. Try cutting the stencil out of greaseproof paper and transfer your icing sugar over it for a professional-looking finish.

So, these were the ways to cut down calories while baking your favourite dessert. If not baking, there are many bakeries offering healthy options so you can easily avail online cake home delivery in Delhi or Mumbai or anywhere you reside and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

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