Festive gifts that never go out of style

Hurray, it’s the festive season knocking our doors yet another year. Absolutely prepared as we are, we welcome the festivities with open arms and no hesitation. The drive to gear up and dress up in our best attires, munch unapologetically on sweets, wish each other blessings and soulful meetups with friends and families, all these priceless moments come hand in hand with the celebrations. But wait for a second how could we forget about the one vital part of festivals, the presents? Caught just in time let’s begin tallying some of the famous gifting options for this festive season and even ahead for birthdays or anniversaries.

Begin making pointers for we are about to embark on a journey of thoughtful gifts, and only you have to make the pick.

  • Frames and wallpapers

A long term gift is the most thoughtful and liked. To be able to see the gift everyday, reminds them of you and your gesture. The best way to do that is to gift personalized frames or a wallpaper poster. Set up on the side table, the showcase in the sitting room; it only adds grace and charm. Also giving you a happy moment every day when you look at it and remember the cherishable moment you lived. 

  • A planter and its pot

Speaking of indoor gifts to sit on your side tables and showcases, you can’t miss out on a planter. Filling your lives with good vibes only, greenery and nature so close, the soothing fragrance of the plant, the breezy touch to the house all together make up a great gift and an irreplaceable one. Money plants, bonsai, flowering or air purifying plants are some popular choices, especially potted in pots that suit your decorum, they look simply fabulous.

  • A sweet box

A must-have in a festive season, a sweet box needs no mention. Whatever you choose to gift has a hidden sweet box along with it. It is like a given. And to continue this sacred ritual of gifting your loved ones with some sweets you should not take a step back but choose the freshest, sweetening and favourite of sweet you know everyone will love. Kaju katli, Besan Ladoo, Soan Papdi, Khoya Burfi are some major picks along with Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun and of course Rasgullas.

  • A grooming kit or beauty box

Looking to gift something individually, then these two options are marvellous. Since the festive season is to outshine your previous year seems a little makeover couldn’t hurt anybody. A gift presented a few days earlier, especially one with a grooming kit is like icing on the cake. To give them a chance to groom their skin and looks from the comfort of their house without visiting a parlour is precious. And to watch them glow with confidence and sparkle on a festive day is sure to make you feel teary too. 

  • A watch or bracelet

Working women, homemakers or young boys all love to wear and rock their watches. Pick a trendy one and startle your special people. It has to be their personalities, like a sturdy one for a college-going boy or a sleek golden for the working woman. Another great choice in the list of things to wear and accessorize are bracelets. Women’s all-time love bracelets are simply adorable and go well with ethnic too. 

The gifts mentioned above are a hit. Some other options like pendants, chocolates, flowerboxes, Diwali lights, decorative materials also make meaningful gifts and combos on festive seasons. Don’t hesitate and speak your heart out to your loved ones with thoughtful presents they can’t deny. 

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