At some point in their lives, everyone needs to step into professional life, with a professional setting and colleagues. This whole process isn’t always a joy ride. It is a common observation that there are people who spend time together either develop a sense of getting along with each other or they don’t. There isn’t usually a problem if it is the first case however if the situation is contrary then disturbance is bound to occur. The maintenance of any office and its environment is very important as a whole this is why we have managers and Human Resource representatives present in every formal company. In the cases of microfinance or businesses on smaller levels such as eateries, cinemas, restaurants, or any other place where humans interact with each other, a manager is always seen maintaining the environment of the place. Even the best essay writing services UK companies follow these methods to keep their office running smoothly.

This maintenance is not limited to interactive places only, every firm whether big or small needs supervision and rules to maintain a healthy environment in the office. These rules and regulations are present to avoid conflict, problems, and resistance in upward communication (employees with employers) or downward communication (employees with colleagues). Human nature varies from person to person and it is a well-known fact that instances where people of opposite or different natures interact, there can be chances of clashes or arguments amongst them. Several things can be done to maintain a healthy environment in the office, these things include:

Trust building:

The most basic step needs to be taken care of by firms is the formation and building of trust among the colleagues and the company heads, this trust-building exercise contributes to the attachment of the office members with the workplace. Trust, fairness, and truth are some of the attributes that are admired by most workers in a professional setting. This allows the members to think of themselves truly as a part of the company, where they know exactly what is going on. According to work ethics, there should not be any professional secrets from the workers because this is an internationally accepted truth that a company is only as good as its members. More ways to build additional trust is to make promises and to make sure that they are fulfilled.

Commitments should be firm and full of surety “I’ll try” often gives an employee or employer hopes and when this isn’t fulfilled there is a subconscious build of mistrust in the office environment


Another basic method of building a healthy office environment is a two-way strong communication, where both the worker and the employer can communicate with each other, address and identify their obstacles, and prove true to be helpful for one another. Most employees are unsatisfied with the quantity or quality of communication that is carried out in offices. This lack of communication is then continued from both sides.

The workers won’t be completely honest with the management if there a lack of communication amongst them. It is important to build a sort of connection with the workers, for this a very simple method can be used where easier questions are asked initially regarding the employee which allows a sense of two-way communication to be formed. This makes the employee subconsciously trust the one asking questions.

Sharing stories and experiences with the employee can increase the comfort zone of the one being probed allowing them to become comfortable with the environment and the one asking the questions. The most important thing to do is to have an open-door policy where the employee can walk up to the management without any hesitation and address his or her matters in a professional but easy environment.


There is a lot of interaction if an employee is provided with a certain amount of freedom in terms of making decisions in his own domain. This makes him or her feel important and empowered with a sense of power and authority. It improves all over the quality of the work that is performed by the worker. This also includes taking feedback from the team and incorporating it in ways the person feels that his or her thoughts are valued in the office. Which, consequently, will make him strive to perform better in the future.

Providing the employees with tasks and plans and rewarding them in a boosting manner for on-time completion of tasks also contributes to their level of enthusiasm towards work. If the employees mess up at work give them some grey area and space to fix themselves and encourage them to fix their shortcomings. Being critical of their mistakes immediately not only demotivates the workers but also makes it harder for them to strive for work again as they feel underappreciated at times.

To avoid mistakes in terms of work, the management should provide a detailed context of the task so that the employee can act according to the needs of the task and fulfil the expectations of the firm. The company should also specify roles if the task is group work so that each employee is well-aware of their responsibilities and rights during the task. This also develops a sense of self-accountability among the workers.


According to recent studies, 80% of the employees find it extremely difficult to cope up and maintain a balance between work and family this is because of the rigid work policies of workplaces. Juggling through personal and professional responsibilities can surely become a problem for the employees. The firm should try adopting a more employee-friendly approach and cut him or her some slack so that they may manage their affairs properly and work efficiently in the office as well. Workers who work remotely often showcase a tremendous increase in their efficiency, work quality, and frequency. This is because they can balance their families, peers, and work according to their own time plans. This causes the stress levels of the workers to decrease, it also reduces the cost of the company, saves the expenses of the employee ensuring all over the betterment of the individual.

If a company adopts a more flexible approach towards work completion, tasks, and goals it becomes easier for both the management and the worker to yield useful results with a sense of balance and understanding.


Using the basic psychology of reward, a company can improve the work quality and the environment of the office this is because if an employee is rewarded it makes him feel special, appreciated, and wanted. The reward doesn’t always have to be something huge, it can also be something as simple as a certificate, to a small bonus, or something as big as a promotion for the best deserving candidates. The sense of recognition from the company also boosts the morale of the employees motivating them to work in a much more determined and focused manner.

Adding small-time perks like medical coverage, fuel allowance, etc. can also contribute big time to the sense of rewarding to the employee. Amenities like café, gym, training, or day-care center can also increase the involvement of the individual with the company.

The Best Essay Writing Services UK have a well-known reputation for having a worker-friendly environment by following many of the above-mentioned rules and tips. These tips can prove to be helpful irrespective of the composition of the company.

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