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Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in True Wireless

Technology never fails to impress us. And right when we think this is it, this is the ultimate version of a tech piece, something new and even better takes the world by storm. From high-end wired headphones to wireless ones, when we thought that this is the perfect mix of bass and acoustics, new technology hits the market.

True wireless earbuds are becoming more common by the day. No wonder, given the bevy of benefits. Even high-end smartphones such as iPhones are now coming without headphone jacks. This means that the new fancy phones are only going to be compatible with the wireless and Bluetooth technology. No more wired headphones!

This blog will cover all the details about true wireless earbuds and reasons to invest in them.

What Exactly is True Wireless?

In case you are wondering about adding the word ‘true’ to a self-explanatory word ‘wireless,’ here is our explanation. True wireless and wireless headphones are different. Wireless headphones are essentially connected and involve a cable. Be they around the back of the neck or over-head. Whereas, true wireless headphones are 100% cord and cable-free. To use both these types, you don’t need a phone jack.

True wireless earbuds are great for day-trippers, gym junkies, weekday hustlers, and globetrotters alike. You get to enjoy ergonomic designs, an incredible cord-free experience, and premium acoustics. Let’s take a swirl around many other promising features, which make indulging in true wireless technology worth it.

Easy Access

You can say goodbye to the frustration caused by having to untangle your headphone cords every time you take it out of your bag. And yes, cords advertised as fabric-covered and tangle-free are also hard to unwind. So, how about ditching the cord altogether?

True wireless headphones come in sleek cases. No strings attached in the true sense of the word!

Ergonomic and Convenient Design

You can bid farewell to the compromised predecessors of wireless technology. No more hanging cords between the two buds! Indulge in an absolute untethered listening experience with no cords and wires. To make the experience tenable and comfy, most of the high-end earbuds come with adjoining in-ear fittings made of silicon.

Moreover, these headphones and earbuds are splash resistant and lightweight.

Enjoy Big Technology Packed into a Small Package

Thanks to the crafty engineers for squeezing so much innovation into those teensy buds. If you don’t like heavy designs, you need to purchase this compact product. They come with highly sensitive touch control and convenient mic holes.

By spending some extra bucks, you can also get your hands on the buds with the noise-cancellation feature. They are great for video-conferencing as they ensure transparent hearing. Frequent travelers who have to go on long haul flights should also invest in headphones with the noise-cancellation feature.

Quick Pairing

No more plugging in and out. All you need to do is to power on Bluetooth on the device you want to pair you’re your true wireless buds with and pair. Once they are paired, the next time synching will be automatic without having to detect, set up, and pair them again.

All you need to do is to take your headphones out of their case, turn them on, and they will sync automatically.

Adequate Battery Life

True wireless headphones are rechargeable and usually come with a chic charging case. The charging case comes with a cable and once the case is charged, it can charge your buds without any cable just by placing them inside it.

Moreover, as technology is advancing, the battery time of these headphones is getting better and better. Once fully charged, they are good to use for several hours.

They are Not Just for Listening

True wireless headphones come with built-in mics and you can conveniently be a part of your video-conferencing meetings wherever you are. Even if you are on the go, the enhanced sound precision and noise-cancellation features will make taking calls effortlessly.

So, whether you are on a treadmill, burning extra calories, and attending an important official meeting, all you will need is a tap on your device and you are good to go. Even convenient, you can also tap the highly intuitive touch interface to access your voice assistant or to answer your calls.

So, in a nutshell, true wireless earbuds are sharp in the true sense of the word. They are quintessentially sleek and downright sophisticated.

My daily routine involves attending tons of meetings every day. Therefore, I invested in these headphones and they are so convenient. I can actually take my calls in the middle of a crowded mall. The noise-cancellation feature is so effective. And at home, I enjoy my favorite music genres on them with my Cox internet starter package.

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