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Many of Us Ignore Mobile Payment Feature during Travel

The National holidays aren’t only a high season for tourism but also a high season for vacation lovers. Many friends wish to shop anything they want during travel. Nowadays, most people are familiar with using 3 more mobile phones with iphone12 to buy daily shopping. They Just open the mobile QR code when waiting in line and only await the cashier to scan it with a scanning machine. it’s very convenient and fast! However, some people have spotted this chance and with only one transaction your money will disappear instantly!

So think carefully. When you are queuing to pay you don’t know that the instant you opened the QR code for mobile. Payment you’ve got been spotted by a stranger who followed and swept your payment code. Let get your point with us

Most of the apps with payment functions now have password-free payment.

I might wish to remind you to not set password-free payment.

How am I able to pay through Mobile Payment Feature?

What else should I concentrate to when paying with mobile phones?.

I will be able to take you to seek out out! Don’t found out password-free payment Even if you’ve got a dollar you continue to get to enter a password to pay.

When queuing to pay don’t display the payment QR code of your mobile too early to guard it. Steps to cancel the password-free payment.

Open the payment page click MY PAYMENT SETTING and get code to pay without password. For the sake of fund security We Chat also can suspend the utilization of QR code payment and open it when consumption is required.

What else should I concentrate to when paying with mobile phones?

Don’t use unfamiliar password-free WiFi payment When making mobile payment please make sure the security of the network environment and don’t use unfamiliar password-free WiFi for mobile payment. Unfamiliar secret-free WiFi may have many security risks and it’s easy to leak personal information and become the target of payment virus attacks. Do not shop until you don’t know either mobile shop disinfect entire area of the shop including mobiles browser For online shopping it’s recommended that you simply attend a proper shopping APP to buy.

It’s best to not shop directly within the mobile browser. The browser shopping is susceptible to phishing websites and therefore the probability of being deceived is comparatively high. Friends must be more careful when scanning the QR code and confirm that they’re correct before paying. for instance when scanning the QR code of shared bicycles take care.

If you discover that the page that pops up is wrong first. Don’t rush to work check the QR code it’s going to be a fake QR code made by a liar.

Do not reuse login password and payment password. The lazy cancer friends wish to use an equivalent login password. Payment password for all accounts which greatly increases the danger.

The editor recommends that important accounts like online banking. Online payment and chat accounts should be individually set with passwords and will be modified regularly.

Mobile payment is convenient and fast. Correct use of it’s sort of a treasure and incorrect use also will bring troubles. More for Air Booking Service

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