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How to Lock Apps on Android Through App Locker

We download and install a lot of apps on our smartphones to ease up our work. There are a lot of apps that are supposed to be confidential as they hold records of our financial data, personal chats or some sensitive information that should not be accessible through kids.

People use different ways to hide sensitive information from kids and their relatives. Some delete them, some hide them while others keep them secured in a vault. If you are going to use the same information or the app again, there is no point deleting and installing it back on the device. Rather you can use Secure Lock for Apps one of the best app locks for Android to restrict access. Best app lock for Android download link.

Secure Lock for Apps Cover

Why Use the Best Lock App for Android?

We can use App Locker Apps to lock and protect apps using a password, pattern, or a fingerprint. If your phone is accessible through your kids or your partner, it is wise to use app locker to secure your stuff. You can lock Messaging apps, Social Media apps, Contacts, Gallery, Settings and other financial or personal apps.

It’s wise to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your privacy with these app locker apps. With App locker apps, never worry about friends or family members borrowing your phone or checking out your personal information as it will not open.

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Features of Best Applock for Android

While selecting the best applocker for Android, we need to keep a few things in mind. The concept of app locker was introduced a few years ago. There have been gradual enhancements in the functionality and features of Secure lock for apps. Here are a few advanced features of the app that can enhance your experience.

  •     High security yet an easy-to-use app for enhanced security.
  •     It can lock almost any app on your device for enhanced security.
  •     Easy to lock and unlock within a flick of seconds with a fingerprint.
  •     Easy to use, setup, install and configure various apps on your device.
  •     Light-weight application that doesn’t consume much of your system resources.
  •     Secure Lock for Apps comes with mail recovery option to recover forgotten passcodes.
  •     Secure Lock for Apps got enhanced security with Pin, Pattern or Passcode or Fingerprint.
  •     Doesn’t affect the battery life of your device as it only works to lock and unlock apps.
  •     Secure Lock for Apps doesn’t store, share, or read user data of third-party apps.
  •     Easy password reset option to change and set up new passwords.
  •     Soothing themes and colour scheme that looks professional.
  •     Compatible with Android 4.1 and above versions.
  •     One of the few apps with Ad-free operations.

How to Use Secure Lock for Apps?

Using Secure Lock for Apps is easy. You can follow these steps to explore the modern vault to secure all your apps on your fingertips.

Screenshot_20201006-195226_Google Play Store

Step 1. Open Google Play Store and search for Secure Lock for Apps.

Step 2. Tap on the install option and let the installation finish.

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Step 3. Tap to open the app. It will ask you to create a 4-digit PIN.

Step 4. Re-enter the 4-digit PIN to confirm submission.

Screenshot_20201006-195622_Secure Lock for Apps

Step 5. It will prompt you to set up the recovery email. You can skip this option however it is advisable to set up the password recovery email address to secure your account and apps.

Screenshot_20201006-195651_Secure Lock for Apps

Step 6. Once you setup your account, it will bring you to a screen where you will find all your apps with an icon of an open lock. Now it’s time we lock selected apps.


Step 7. Once you tap on the lock sign for the first time, it will seek permission to Allow Usage Access. Scroll down and look for Secure Lock for Apps, tap on it and then Toggle ON the usage data access.


Step 8. The next permission will be for drawing over the apps to secure apps. Once done, you will find the lock will turn Green and will be locked. This means the apps are locked and now will require authentication before usage.


Step 9. Once you are done selecting apps, press the back button twice to exit out of the app. Now if you or anyone will try to access the locked app, it will ask for the PIN you configured. By default, your fingerprint is already configured with the app. So instead of entering the PIN, if you just scan your finger, it will open the app.

Wrapping Up

Now never hesitate to share your device with your friends or family members as they will only have access to common apps. They will not be able to peep into apps restricted by best app lock for Android. The features of this app will surely mesmerize you with its high-tech security yet simplicity combined in one single app. Secure Lock for Apps is the future of security for your apps and harmony in life.

Mariya is working as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. Her potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks, best mac cleaner software and she is anxious in writing other technical blogs.

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Mariya is working as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. Her potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks, best mac cleaner software and she is anxious in writing other technical blogs.

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