Embed Instagram feed on Shopify Store

How to Add Your Instagram Feed on Shopify Store

If your brand is searching for the best hosting website to sell products online, then Shopify is the perfect destination for a kick-off start. It is a specialized e-commerce platform that allows you to build your own online store.

But customers these days are not just attracted by simple images of the products and their videos. They are always in search of something fancy and captivating.

To knock down the customer’s needs and boost their engagement on the website, brands need to have extraordinary marketing strategies, one of which is to add Instagram feed on Shopify website.

Why Instagram?

Instagram feed is the pool of colorful and attractive content created by curating the content from diverse sources and most importantly the content from the followers of the brands, i.e. user-generated content curated using hashtags, handles, and tagged posts.

With its immersive and creative design, it is the first choice for marketers among all social media channels.

Some of the benefits of integrating Instagram feed on Shopify store are:-

With millions of daily active users, Instagram is the most popular destination for users to search for any brand or product. 

It provides the brands with the platform for social selling, i.e. e-commerce websites can turn into visual commerce platforms by adding shoppability to their products.

Embedding Instagram feed on Shopify website helps you increase the website’s performance with user-generated content which is the most legitimate, authentic, trustworthy, and reliable form of content that adds credibility to your website and builds a strong brand-user relationship.

Also, this creates a visual hub on your website that increases the vibrancy of your website and makes your products visible in a more exquisite way.

Therefore, integrating your Instagram feed on Shopify store will boost your sales, growth, and revenue as it is immersed in the pool of user-generated content which will help you to magnify your brand’s dignified image, build customer loyalty, turn UGC into shoppable content/posts, and increase brand reach with hashtag campaigns.

Now since we know the benefits of embedding Instagram feed on Shopify website, let us explore some tools that will help you embed it.

Tools For Embedding Instagram Feed On Shopify Website

There are many social media aggregator tools that help the brands to integrate social media content with the website. Some of them are:-

1. Taggbox widget

Taggbox widget is one of the most amazing aggregator tools which help you discover, collect and, then curate the content into a single feed that aligns with the brand’s aesthetics.

It helps to collect the content using hashtags, tagged posts and handles. After the feed is created, it then embeds it on the website using embed code and pasting it on the section on the website where you want to display it.

It provides the customer with dynamic and innumerable features.

Customization using different layouts, themes, font styles, backgrounds, etc.

Moderation Panel with profanity filter to display quality and relevant content.

Real-time updates for displaying fresh and unique content with updating the feed every time you add a post on your Instagram handle.

Analytics to keep insights of user performance, click-through rates, and impressions.

User-friendly interface to provide robust customer support and smooth customer service.

All you need is to have a Taggbox Widget account.

2. Tagembed

This tool offers a smooth integration of Instagram feed on Shopify website.

This social media aggregator tool is a good solution to collect the Instagram feed using handles, hashtags, and tagged posts. Then it categorizes the curated feed as per the targeted audience.

It personalizes the feed with beautiful customizations like font colors, styles, themes and moderates the quality of the content to maintain the brand’s image in the market. 

Also, it displays fresh content with real-time updates with an amazing customer support feature.

3. SocialbleKIT

SocialbleKIT is a website plugin that helps you integrate social media with all the website building platforms. It collects and curates the content from Instagram and customize it to help brands connect with customers in an easy way. The curated feed is then embedded on the Shopify website which provides the brands with enhanced user engagement and magnified sales.

Apart from these tools, Shopify itself owns an app called InstaFeed to integrate Instagram feed on Shopify website.

4. InstaFeed app

InstaFeed is a Shopify app that allows you to display customized shoppable content on Your Shopify store. It is an app that helps you display elegant feed with fresh and unique content. It is fully compatible and responsive with all themes and devices.

5. Instagram feed widget by EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial offers a robust social media aggregator tool that can embed Instagram feed on your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

You can generate posts from your company’s Instagram profile, posts published by other people that mention your brand, or media from specific hashtags.

Features to improve your Shopify store:

  • Compatible with every Shopify theme
  • Modern and fully mobile-responsive widgets
  • Advanced moderation, customization, and auto-sync options
  • Custom CSS editor for complete control of the widget design
  • Shoppable Instagram feed by tagging each post with ‘Buy’ buttons
  • Ban posts that contain particular keywords
  • Supporting also Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Vimeo content

To get started, you don’t need to install an app, just create an EmbedSocial account and paste the provided code in your Shopify page – where you would want the Instagram feed to appear.


Adding Instagram feed on Shopify store not only enhances your online performance but will also expand your market reach. Thus, this will improve your conversion rates and drive more sales. 

Many aggregator tools can help you create this amazing visual hub on your website within no time. 

So why sit back and let your competitors win the show?

It’s time to steal the show with this exciting marketing tactic.

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