Starting a Gym Routine for the first time

It’s almost like a vicious cycle. You don’t want to hit the gym because you fear you are going to be the oldest member of your class. You are embarrassed of your weight and age and don’t feel confident enough to exercise in front of young and energetic exercise enthusiasts.

But do you want to be stuck in this fear forever? The next time you are canceling your gym membership because of your low esteem, remind yourself this: You can’t get any better unless you spend a good amount of time in the gym.  Burning your dreadful gym time into a happy hour.

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Get a Friend to join your Workout

There may be too many young people in your gym class. But finding a gym buddy who’s of your age or getting a work colleague to enrol into your fitness program is the best way to feel comfortable at the gym. Working out with a buddy not only eases anxiety but also makes you look forward to your fitness workout. You also have someone to compete with so you track your progress better.


Ask for Help if you are New

Joining a new gym is intimidating. You feel as if everyone is staring at you. In reality, people who are exercising in the gym are more focused on their own workouts. That’s probably the reason why they are less likely to offer any help. Inform your trainer that you are new and need to know basic info about the gym equipment. Don’t abandon your gym class just because you don’t know how to use the gear or feel too shy to ask for help.

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Choose a Quiet Time Slot

This is great advice for first-timers who fear being spotted in spandex shorts. Most gyms are crowded in the morning and evening so you can squeeze out some time from your busy workday to enroll in a day class. You will be surprised to see more people of your age in the gym.


Be Happy with Small Achievements

Tell your trainer if you want to start slow. Generally, adults start from a 5-10-minute walk on treadmill before moving on to more intense workouts once they gain enough strength. This also gives you ample time to get familiar with the environment of your gym.


Track Weight

People who want to lose weight, increase their activity levels, cut off all junk food intake and opt for healthier food options. Yet, they may still be having trouble shedding off the extra pounds. This can be very demotivating or frustrating at times. However, there is hope. A scale is just a basic tool for assessing your weight loss journey. There are various other tracking methods to track weight loss.

Are you aware of what exactly you are going to do and how long will it take to accomplish your weight loss goals? Some people only wander around the gym and do not track weight loss like they should to review whether their exercise routine is working out for them or not.

When you choose to weigh yourself using the scale, make sure you do it first thing in the morning and after using the bathroom. You can do it twice a week and morning weigh-ins help you to record any spikes in weight owing to water intake or your meals. Although convenient to do, daily weighing can be emotionally frustrating and inaccurate results may take their toll on your motivation to lose weight.


Choose a Reliable and Safe Gym Facility

It is important to feel safe in a fitness environment so you can overcome your fear of injury. Qualified fitness trainers know what works best for you and what can harm your muscles or bones. They design each workout according to your age, weight, and lifestyle. Customized workouts are great since they help you get into a good shape more quickly.

No matter what gym you choose you would require a lot of gadgets, clothing and shoes to keep yourself uplifted with a perfect routine at the gym. Though all things used at the gym are commonly available and can be purchased with majorly discounted prices if you use the Under Armour discount code.

It’s okay to feel embarrassed and left out during your fist gym class. The key is to overcome these emotions and focus on your exercise routine to make the most out of your gym time. Some people like to exercise with music. You can create your own play-list to have pump-on music in the background while you crunch those muscles.

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