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How to Use Domain Hosting for Your Business?

Domains and hosting provide the very foundation of online presence for any business. Every business today is going online, and those who are not are considering it in the near future. A domain name is like the primary business location of the company. Visitors search for product and services on various search engines, and if your website is not present in the result page, you are missing on business opportunities. No wonder why most successful companies first decide on a great domain before spending on an expensive office. During the pandemic, when doing business through real-world stores has become a challenge, more and more are opting to have an online store to keep their business alive. However, before you buy domain and hosting, many things have to be understood.

About Domain and Websites

You might have heard about websites. But do you know you need to buy a domain and hosting first before you could put up a website? Here are the 3-steps that are required to make a site go live:

  1. Buy a Domain Name – You need to choose a unique domain name for your website. It has to be short, relevant and connected to what your business does. Check the availability of domain name and extension. Do you need a .com, .co, .biz, .in or some other extension? Check the availability of domain name on hosting provider’s site.
  1. Buy a Hosting Plan- Now that you have a domain name, the next step is to buy a hosting plan. What is it? A hosting plan buy you resources needed to host and run the website on the webservers of hosting provider. Almost every hosting plant comes with storage space, transfer-bandwidth, SSL certificate and free emails to help you start with.
  1. Create Website Pages- Believe that you can start a website and without any technical knowledge and you will. Most hosting providers offer online website editors using which you could put up a website in minutes.

Using the Domain and Website

1-Domains are Easy to Use

An IP address (101.202.303.404) is the address of the computer or computer network on the internet. Domains are initially hosted to an IP address which is then assigned to your domain name. So, until the domain name is not redirected to the IP address allocated, the website will not function on your domain name. = Assigned IP Address (122. 231. 000. 122)

Thus, a domain name makes it easy to remember, and the visitor doesn’t have to remember the IP address. Further, the domain name also gives the flexibility to brand or market your company’s name or products or services. If you carefully choose a domain name that contains brand-word, visitors can connect with your business easily.

2-Website Makes Your Brand Reliable

Ever wondered why people search for your website on the various platforms? Did you wonder why people search for your website? The websites with proper branding and a domain that reflects the brand make the brand more reliable. For any start-up having a domain is the very first step. Branded website address increases the confidence of the customers in your company and the products. Further, the various stakeholders also benefit from the presence as they have something to show to their participants.

It is where different hosting plans come into the picture. A free website hosting plan gives non-brandable URL or contains the name of the hosting provider. It’s in the best interest of the brand-owner to do what they could to avoid non-specific URLs for the website address.

3-First Impression

The domain name and the website address of the brand in what makes them visit your brand. If someone accidentally jumps to search your URL, and if they find the brand and domain address great and catchy, the visitors are more likely to click and visit the webpage regularly. It could be landing page for one of the products. Although accidentally, the lead generated might have the best quality lead because the domain name and address is very relevant and attractive to create a strong first impression on the website visitors.


Buy domain and hosting now and start using it in various ways to get more visitors to the site. Learn about the basics of optimizing site on search engines to increase the flow of visitors and quality leads.

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