8 Effective Ways of Using Video in Email Marketing

A lot of people think that email marketing is dead, and investing in such marketing campaigns are pointless. However, the latest studies reveal that for every dollar spent on email marketing, one can expect a return of $42. In fact, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to retain existing customers. But it is important to change your email marketing strategy with time.

Currently, 80% of businesses use video in their marketing efforts. And as marketers are trying new ways to leverage this form of content, there has been a lot of buzz around the use of videos in email marketing. If you are also looking for ways to jazz up your existing email marketing strategy, you can try these following ways to use video in your email marketing efforts.

  1. Add customer testimonials:

Including positive customer testimonials in your emails can be quite useful in turning your leads into customers. Such testimonial videos help the customers develop some confidence in the product or service of the brand. They act as evidence, telling the potential customers how satisfied the existing customers are with the product.

Moreover, the testimonials are more effective when they come directly from the customers’ mouth. Record unscripted, genuine customer testimonials and include them in your emails, targeted towards new subscribers. If your website has a spell checker tool or video-editing software, positive testimonials regarding it can encourage others to use this tool.

  1. Send product and service demonstrations:

If you are planning to launch a new product or service, you should use the product or service demonstration in your email marketing. A practical demonstration of the service or product is more effective than the textual description. It proves the value and utility of what the product or service has to offer to the customer. For an instant, if you run an academic writing company, you can create a video for students, showing how to write a dissertation conclusion.

The demonstration video produces a similar impact as the testimonials. Instead of speaking with happy customers, it shows how one can use the product or service successfully. It is a powerful piece of visual evidence that proves how accurate your claims are. So, it can be really impactful if you add such videos in your emails.

  1. Provide details for webinar or event registrations:

During this time of the pandemic, a majority of the businesses are hosting major events and workshops on the digital platform. You can take this opportunity and create a video, asking your subscribers to register for the upcoming event or webinar. It will be like a virtual invitation through email.

While this idea of incorporating a video in your emails can help you reach to your customers with useful content, it also ensures better attendance at those online events in turn. Include these following details in your video:

  • The date and time of the event/webinar
  • The location of the event (if it is happening offline)
  • The key takeaways of the event
  • The intended audience of the event
  • Other necessary data such as registration fee, required worksheets etc.

You can also add a short clip of a VIP attendee or the keynote speaker of the event/webinar in the video.

  1. Share the tradition of your business with a video:

At times, you may find it difficult to think of an out-of-the-box concept for your email content. In such times, you can simply shot a video highlighting the tradition of your business. It will allow subscribers to learn a few things about the work environment of the company. In doing so, you can establish a better relationship with the customers.

If you are a manufacturing company, you can show a glimpse of the manufacturing process. If you are a service-based company, you can showcase how your employees work towards providing a better service. It is like sharing behind-the-scene activities with the customers.

  1. Send out newsletters with videos:

If you send out a newsletter to your subscribers like essay writing service , you should feature videos along with it. You can incorporate a video in a number of ways in the newsletters and get positive results. Businesses which are into creating visual content can send out newsletter video embeds, allowing the subscribers to catch up on the content they have missed.

A business can also add popular videos in its industry to the newsletters. In case your company does not produce many videos, this strategy can work in your favour. Also, you can film a round of weekly content in video form. Also, a popular video  in  your industry can also make great content for your email newsletter.

  1. Offer a more personalized experience with the emails:

If your business keeps a backlog of video content on the website, you can use that for delivering personalised emails. You may have a lot of customers who watch only a portion of your video and don’t finish the rest of the video. You can find the data about the users from your website analytics. You use your email to send the video to the users and remind them to finish it.

Marketo, a SaaS-based marketing automation software, reportedly experienced over 144% increase in their CTR due to the personalised emails. If you think about it, people are more likely to open a mail if it is about a video that they are meant to finish in some time. Moreover, such personalisation also makes the customer feel quite special and important to the company.

  1. Nurture the leads with email marketing:

As you may realise, email marketing is not just about delighting the existing, loyal customers. You should also use it to nurture your leads and move them along their customer journey. You can use the workflows in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to automate videos which will help your leads turn into customers. You can incorporate the forms into the video.

The forms will allow your sales team to gather enough data to follow up with interested prospects, or provide the leads with an opportunity to watch the video to learn a few facts about law assignment help  or what to expect from your company. You can prepare a video for email marketing aiming towards conversion. Further, you can analyse the viewing data and modify the video content of delight the customers.

  1. Celebrate important business relationships:

If you are one of those companies who are doing business with several clients for years, you can create visual content to appreciate the longstanding customers on this journey with your business. While your videos may celebrate the foundation day of the company or launching of a new branch in another city, taking a moment to acknowledge your relationship with the customers can make them feel important.

You can also consider celebrating client anniversaries by sending a video in the mail, appreciating their contribution as a loyal customer. You may also interview a few customers and capture them, expressing their positive feedback on your business relationship. Finally, send the video to all the longstanding customers as a part of your personalised email marketing strategy.


In conclusion,
While these suggestions do produce positive results, you should not stop yourself from trying new things. Since the market is evolving, you need to continuously innovate in order to sustain in the competition. Perhaps, you will be the first to try some email marketing strategy that leads the way for another email marketing trend. Who knows?

Author bio:  Peter Clarke is a marketing professional and works for a reputed organisation in Australia. Peter has acquired his MBA degree from the Federation University. He holds immense knowledge on online reputation management and branding. He’s also a part of  service the from https://myassignmenthelp.com/au/  as an academic advisor.

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