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7 Fashion Trends For Women Spring Summer 2020

If you are someone who likes to be aware of what is popular, you will want to start preparing your wardrobe with all the women’s fashion trends of summer 2020. Some of the trends have been going since fall, which is good news for your wardrobe. All you really need is a little refresher, and then you’ll be fine to know how to dress in the summer.

What will be used? From shorts paired with suit jackets and short shirts. Here is everything you need to know to see the fashionable styles of ladies for the summer of 2020. We compile the 10 main trends in best women’s clothing that we saw on the catwalks of the main fashion capitals.

7 Fashion trends for women spring summer 2020

1: Total Looks

Yes, dress all the same color. Monocular looks will be especially seen in informal outfits. Neutral colors give an elegant and subtle air. If you want something more daring you can opt for monochrome looks in vibrant colors such as red, fuchsia or yellow.

2: Sport style

Sports Outfits are becoming more and more trends, this season you can see it in looks for the day and night with sports garments where the cycling tights are the protagonists.

Sport style

Bermuda shorts, these comfortable shorts end just above the knee, helping women stay cool without feeling too exposed. All kinds of designers have created cycling shorts, some more sporty and others paired with suits for a sophisticated look.

3: Bohemians 70

We see seventies airs in summer 2020 in the most hippie chic looks. In it, garments such as: Flowing dress in floral prints, high-waisted pants or pleated maxi skirts stand out.

Bohemians 70

4: Big 80

The 80s are reflected in garments such as oversized blazer, XXL shoulder pads or large puffed sleeves. The volume is established around the arms. Either on top of them in puffed sleeves format or as shoulder pads.

big 80

These romantic sleeves are perfect in the wardrobe of anyone who likes to stand out without revealing too much. The puffy sleeves ended above the elbow, in a more appropriate design for casual looks.

5: Total DENIM

The fabric that accompanies us in all seasons becomes integral. You will take it from head to toe and without fear. Urban and informal looks with garments made entirely of denim. Within this style you will find garments such as jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses and miniskirts and jackets.


6: Mix of colors and prints

A very avant-garde and striking proposal. The garments will be used combining different color blocks or combining different prints. There are so many fashion prints of cows, tribal prints, flowers, stripes and polka dots.

Mix of colors and prints

7: Working girl

The most formal and elegant outfits to go to work. The ‘working-girl’ looks are very strong. As a plus, we will add a thin belt over the blazer and shorts instead of pleated pants.

Working girl

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